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World Of Tanks Blitz SEA Forum is a open forum for WOTB lovers, regardless of nationality, race, or a pro or a nub in the game, to be able to gather together and discuss about in-game issues. These forums are here to provide you with a friendly atmosphere where you can discuss ideas, give and receive gameplay advice, and discuss any other aspects of World of Tanks with other players. Community forums are at their best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner when participating on these forums and be mindful of your audience.The guidelines and rules listed below explain what behavior is expected of you and what behavior you can expect from other community members. Note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive, and may not address all manners of offensive behavior. As such, the forum moderators and administrators shall have full discretion to address any behavior that they feel is inappropriate. Also, suspension or banishment from the game will always result in the same in regard to forum access. Your access to these forums is a “privilege,” and not a “right.” We reserve the right to suspend your access to these forums at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by these guidelines.Before posting any kind of information on this forum, all users are to read the following rules. These rules are obligatory for all registered users on this forum.


Users are not allowed to abuse others, make personal attacks or behave disrespectfully. This prohibition applies to both public threads and private messages. Disrespect can include but is not limited to:
  1. Flaming
  2. Trolling
  3. Harassment or Defamatory remarks
  4. Profanity, Inappropriate language or abbreviations there of
  5. Personal abuse or attacks
  6. Racial,Religious, Sexual, National or Ethnic, slurs or insults, This includes "jokes" in bad taste.
  7. Excessive Capitalization
  8. Inappropriate or adult content
  9. Naming and Shaming
  10. Posting about social, religious, political, illegal or other controversial topics that may create offense; As well as negative portrayal of religious and political figures is prohibited within the forums.