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Hi, I am a Singaporean Player who is playing on the asian server. I have a problem with the ping problem.Just yesterday, when i was playing,initially my ping was just a healthy 12. But out of nowhere, my ping spike up to 132, then eventually 1132. I don't know what is happening, but after i restarted my phone and opened the app again which i realised i lost, for nothing. I was, of course, outraged as i have done nothing wrong to deserve such a treatment. As such ,i demand an expalnation from Wargaming.Thz.

Hi RoneMok,

What is the ISP you're using and when is that happened?

30th May 2019 (Thursday), 1750 GMT +8,my birthday present.

Hi RoneMok,

My Team and i will look into this and rectify this ASAP. Meanwhile, we would like to thank you for highlighting this bug.Thanks! 😃